Uten ord /
Without words

Recorded in Musikkens Hus, Kristiansand 2000
2000 TL0800

Sax: Tore Ljøkjel
Piano: Oscar Jansen
Vocal: Runa Godøy Sæther
Drums: Geir Åge Johnsen
Organ: Reidar Skaaland
Producer: Jon Kleveland

Life is a size too large for most of us. That is why we need one that is larger than us, and we need someone around us.

Words evoking recognition, do us good, and gives us a touch of heaven. One way or another we all need a heaven above us, to live on this earth. But the last word is never spoken. Words do enrich us, but not always so. We need people around us and moods able to carry us.

Hardly any instrument evokes so much recognition and afterthought as the saxophone. It gives us the honesty of the blues, and a touch of blue sky. On his album; "Without words" the saxophonist Tore Ljøkjel and his musician friends invites us into reality and warmth. They give us music which enriches and touches us.

According to the poet Hans Børli, poetry is about "finding small enough words for large enough emotions." He thereby claims that words can be life-enhancing, but that words also have their limitations. There are occasions when music reaches beyond words. We wish to give a handshake, but the courage to closeness fails. We really do not know what to say. Music reaches out when words fail. On this album there are musicians at harmony with each other, touching us and giving us a little hope.

Per Arne Dahl

"This album is dedicated to my dear sons"
Tore Ljøkjel

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