Medvandrer /

Recorded in Lund Church, Kristiansand 2012
2012 TL0912

Sax: Tore Ljøkjel
Piano/arrangements: Oscar Jansen
Trommer: Tom Rudi Torjussen
Bass: Håkon Iversen
Vokal: Håkon Iversen

Produsent: Trond Tellefsen

The saxophone has given many people in towns and places a time out and room for reflection, after playing from more than 50 church-towers and from the top deck on Hurtigruten (mars-mai, 2011-2014).

From the cover inside:
With the warm musicality from my fellow musicians on this record, I hope you will feel calm. Far away from the roundabout of selfpityness and the road of bitterness.
And also far away from the noice from them that think they own others choice of wich way to go. Welcome on board!

Tore Ljøkjel

This album is dedicated to my four dear sons:
Johannes, Samuel, Tobias and David.

Tore Ljøkjel

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