Medvandrer /

Recorded in Tautra Manastery, Trondheim 2007
2007 TL0807

Sax: Tore Ljøkjel
Producer: Tore Ljøkjel/Trond Tellefsen

Tore Ljøkjel has become a wayfaring musician providing tranquility and peace. Many have become acquainted with the seeking tone of his saxophone, having heard playing from the church-spires, experienced calm an tranquility sink in at a busy factory or had their heart-door opened in a funeral or a wedding. Some know him from his three previous recordings and are open for more.

Others have heard the pilgrim-tones on the island of Tautra in the Trondheimsfjord when he visits the 800 year old ruins of a Cistercienser monastery. Seven nuns are building a Maria monastery in the vicinity, and this fourth album is recorded in the monastery church. Even the woodwork under the glass ceiling resonates and adds sound to the music if you listen carefully.

Furthermore, - Tore sat in the monastery garden and listened to the birdsong and no wonder- even that can be heard on one of the tracks.

Beyond anything, the tones are as a touch of breeze. You can feel it touch you, but you will notice the warmth when it fades. Almost unnoticeable, since this musical language appeals not primarily to our intellect, which is stimulated hard and often, you are changed. The language Tore Ljøkjel mediates is different. You are taken into a world where you later on discovers that you were surrounded by grace.

Tor Øystein Vaaland

I have experienced the joy of traveling with known and unknown companions.

It has not been the number of minutes of companionship that have been decisive. A few words, a little smile, quiet tears, a good laugh, a warm hug, a meal, a picture or a musical experience can be what it takes.

To me companionship is nor getting advises or answers, but rather that we dare to bid on ourselves, our weaknesses and strengths.

Tore Ljøkjel

This album is dedicated to my four dear sons:
Johannes, Samuel, Tobias and David.

Tore Ljøkjel

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