Pust av himmel /
Breath of Heaven

Recorded in Lynor Studios, Kristiansand 2005
2005 TL0605

Sax: Tore Ljøkjel
Piano: Oscar Jansen
Bass: Jon Børge Askeland
Vocal: Håkon Iversen
Drums: Stig Værnes
Producer: Håkon Iversen

This recording took place in 2005. The album is sold out, but it is now being produced again. Thank you to all that have been caring by bringing warmth and motivating feedback.
This is my third cd. On the two first I made experiences of "sailing the same boat in unfamiliar water." The process had been alive, listening and creative. I was once again in studio, but with a new crew around me. We had actually never met before. The producer and the bass-player had recently arrived by plane, and we were about to start a new journey.

I had chosen melodies which I could cling to when my life was on its most un-secure.

One of the songs I wrote a few weeks before recording. My fourth son was to be christened. From experience I know that my body may have lots of noisy emotions, and I did not know if I had the ability to write down the right notes. None the less, I wanted to make a song for David.

On some sheets of music I made notations on where the notes should be. I had to remember the value of the notes, because I was unable to write the correct values. Oscar, my pianist, received the song by telephone. He said: "this song is quite nice." I could breathe easier, and I could feel the heaven above me. I played little David´s song "Breath of heaven" at his Christening.

In studio I was tense whether the song could be included on the record. Oscar being a wizard on arrangements, fixed everything during an interval in the recording-session, the song was recorded, and this is the result. Thank you dear musicians, technician and producer, for all the tones, ideas and melodies you gave in the studio this weekend.

"Play yourself back to health, and help others on your way," my doctor told me when I hit "rock bottom" as teacher. I am unable to decide what my music should do to you when listening to it, but I am happy having found my place in the classroom of life. My hope now is that you will take your time, and listen carefully to this album. Maybe it will give you "a breath of heaven" on what is most important, and claims most attention in your life.

Music has always been important to us, not only as entertainment. Around 3000 years ago the sheperd boy David was summoned to a depressed king. David played so that King Saul was relieved.

The slaves in America found comfort through their negro spirituals, giving them a hope for heaven in this unfair and unjust world.

My hope is that tones from this album will come to you in your everyday life, giving you glimpses of light, strength and calm - "a breath of heaven."

I like to play tunes that have crossed borders. Music is a universal language that can bring people together. I wish to use the saxophone as an instrument to touch the deeper strings resonating with sorrow and joy, everyday life and celebration, everything that is LIFE.

Tore Ljøkjel

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